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India in Guinness Book of World Records
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Guinness Book of World Records in India :

WR : Most Forward – Thinking Rail Traveller

On 19th Jan 2000 Fakhruddin Takulla ( India ) travelled from Mumbai ( Bombay ) to New Delhi, both India, using a ticket he had purchased on 15 July 1973 – 26 years 6 months earlier. Takulla used the unlimited booking service offered by the Indian Railway Authority so that he could attend the celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of Indian Independence.

WR : Cheapest Cities

In the Economist Intelligence Unit’s bi – annual survey. Indian cities New Delhi and Mumbai ( Bombay ) finished with the lowest and cheapest rankings. With New York City, USA, used as a median ( ranked at 100 ), Mumbai and New Delhi rated just 42 and 41 respectively.

WR : Biggest Donation of Hair

Pilgrims to the Tirupathi Temple in Andhra Pradesh. India, which attracts an average of 30,000 visitors per day, donate their hair as a form of sacrifice. The 600 barbers employed by the temple shave the pilgrims’ heads 24 hours a day and more than $2.2 million ( 1.4 million pounds ) a year is raised through the auction of the hair.

WR : Biggest Wedding Banquet

Jayalalitha Jayaram, a movie star and former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, India, hosted and paid for a luncheon for over 150,000 guests at the wedding of her foster son, V.N.Sudhakaran to N.Sathyalakshmi. The banquet was served by the coast in the state capital, Chennai, on 7 Sept 1995.

WR : Longest Fingernails

The world’s longest fingernails are those of Shridhar Chillal of Poona. India. On 8 July 1998 the nails on his left hand were measured on the television show Guinness World Records : Primetime and found to have a total length of 6.15 m ( 20 ft 2.25 in ). He does not grow the nails on his right hand.

WR : Highest ODI Partnership

The highest-scoring batting partnership in a one-day international is 331, by Sachin Tendulkar ( 186 not out ) and Rahul Dravid ( 153 ) for India v New Zealand at Hyderabad, India, on 8 November 1999.

WR : Best Bowling in the World Cup for the blind.

The best bowling analysis was 3 – 12, by Bhalaji Damor for India v Sri Lanka at Roshanara Club on 18 November 1998.

WR : Longest Individual Innings

Rajiv Nayyar ( India ) batted for 16 hr 55 min when scoring 271 for Himachal Pradesh v Jammu and Kashmir at Chamba, India, from 1 to 3 November 1999.

WR : Youngest Test Captain

Nawab of Pataudi, who was 21 years 77 days old when he led India v West Indies at Bridgetown, Barbados, on 23 March 1962.

WR : Most Wickets in a test innings

Anil Kumble ( India ) took 10 – 74 for India v Pakistan at Ferozeshah Kolta Stadium, New Delhi, India, on 7 February 1999.

WR : Youngest First – class player

The youngest first – class player is reputed to be Esmail Ahmed Baporia ( India ), who played for Gujarat v Baroda at Ahmedabad, India, on 10 Januray 1951, aged 11 years 261 days.

Courtesy : Guinness Book of World Records

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